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  1. When they showed me in the early test cases what was possible, I said, ‘I want it.’ I can’t say enough things about (Graffiti Tracker)…It’s going to make an impact.

    Los Angeles County, Former Supervisor Don Knabe
  1. This system has allowed our City to collect over $25,000 in restitution in eight months. This was money we would have never sought out, if we did not have the ability to track these nuisances.

    Corona, Calif. Police Deparment, Detective Robert Newman
  1. From a Gang Intelligence stand point Graffiti Tracker has significantly improved our job of documenting gang-related graffiti in the City and County. It has not only cut our work load by 75%, but it has given us a much clearer picture on the active gangs.

    Topeka, Kansas Police Department, Corporal Ruben Salamanca
  1. Graffiti Tracker is a wonderful tool for law enforcement. The District Attorney Report feature makes it easier to illustrate the graffiti, as well as the amount of square foot damage for restitution. We highly recommend Graffiti Tracker.

    West Covina, Calif. Police Department, Corporal Brad Smith